Max user weight: 160 kg / 25.2 st

Scooter weight: 104 kg / 16.4 st

Hill climbing ability: 17°

Maximum range on single charge: 4560 km / 28-37.3 mi

Speed of response: Medium Maximum speed: 8 mph / 12 km/h

Acceleration system: Right-hand scooter throttle

Seat adjustment: Yes

Suspension: Full

Compliant with DVLA requirments: Yes

Scooter class: Class-3 Vehicle

autonomy: Level 0

Optimal air humidity for storage and use: 30%

Working temperature of electronic parts: -10 °C to +40 °C

Turning radius: 190 cm / 74.8”

MOTOR Power: 900 W

Voltage: 48 V

BATTERY Type: Lead-Acid

Capacity: 20 Ah

Voltage: 48 V

Life cycle: 600 full charges

Charge time: ≈8 h


Front: Drum

Rear: Drum

Magnetic brake: Yes

WHEELS Amount: 3

Type of tyres: Pneumatic tubeless

Size: 3.00-10”

Tyre pressure: 2.25 bar / 225 kPa / 32.5 PSI


Low beam headlight: S2

High beam headlight: S2

Position lights: W5W

Front and rear signal lights: P21/5 W LED / R10W 12V

Brake light: P21/5 W LED

Hazard lights: P21/5 W LED / R10W 12V

Registration plate light: W5W


Horn Rearview mirrors Steering wheel lock Electric LED display Alarm Remote control Anti-tipping safety wheels

Additional information






Scooter type

Electric Scooter

Scooter class

3rd Class Mobility Scooter


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